The InnoAZK provides an administrative platform to help with the following tasks:
  • Recording working hours and creating reports
  • Recording of work contracts
  • Creating help articles (knowledge base)
  • Monitoring various desktop PCs
InnoAZK is mostly developed in Python and only small parts of the front-end are written in JavaScript. In addition, the client for monitoring desktop PCs is being developed in Go, a programming language designed for security.


Via the news reader, users can save URLs to read them later. Currently, only URLs can be saved through the Android app. In addition, the news can be sent to a Kindle in the form of PDFs. The following functions are also planned:
  • Android support from version 6.0 upwards
  • Read news articles directly via the website
  • Have news read aloud via Google's Text-To-Speech


The GPS tracker is intended to be an additional form of time recording. A user can use the Android app to automatically record his or her presence at a previously defined location. All times are saved by the back-end and can be displayed or downloaded via a website. To support data protection, however, no GPS data is sent to the back-end so that permanent GPS tracking of the user is not possible. The following additional functions are planned:
  • Android support from version 6.0 upwards
  • API for the automatic transfer of data to another application (e.g. InnoAZK)