Welcome to my private page. Actually, I am Working on Dynamic QR. Under Projects and Papers you find older projects mainly from my student days and papers I wrote while I was studying Business Informatics.

Dynamic QR

This is a small sideproject I am building with two colleagues. We want to build a platform which gives everyone the possibility to create QR Codes which are directly connected with forms that are fully configurable. In addition one can define actions that will be performed when data is entered into a form. An action could be for example an email, a webhook or an SMS.
Visit our project!

Goal Tracker

Goal Tracker will be a small app with which you can track daily goals and weekly goals. For example, if you want to be reminded to drink 7 glasses of water a day, you can create a goal that will be reset daily and must be met 7 times for it to be completed successfully.
Link comes soon!
I am in the process of planning some more small projects. As soon as I have decided which one is next, I will list it here. Until then, I will write a few more articles on my blog.